CkConsulting is the vision and passion of highly respected business specialist, Claudia Katz. With an exceptional track record of success,  Claudia brings to CkConsulting a skillset that sets new standards and raises the bar in the field of leadership and management consulting.


CkConsulting is a purpose-driven, strategically positioned, results-orientated management consulting and leadership coaching business, providing integrated services across South Africa and neighbouring territories.


High levels of professionalism, sound business principles and a devotion to seamlessly developing the true intrinsic leadership qualities of mid to senior management in organisations are the hallmarks of our business.


Loyal, transparent and authentic, CkConsulting focuses on the needs and specifications of each client, facilitating the creation of a bespoke solution. This could be in the form of a business purpose, a set of unique values, a strategic plan or leadership transformation.





Extensive experience and a trusted instinct allows Claudia to uncover missing links, information, patterns and meaning across a wide range of business challenges.


Claudia creates trust and connectiveness in complex environments to inspire exceptional teamwork and performance.
ABOUT - Tambourine is the passion of businesswoman Claudia Katz.


Claudia’s positive approach allows people to experience a sense of real value, which frees people, and their potential to create their best work and life.
ABOUT - Tambourine is the passion of businesswoman Claudia Katz.


Humour and openness, combined with a full freedom to explore, allows Claudia’s clients to develop in a challenging yet safe environment.


From being a mom to the honour of Chief Executive Officer roles, the life and times of Claudia Katz has been one of ‘mountain summits’ – massive challenges, some major disappointments but most of all, superb successes and unique memories. Tenacious and head-strong, she agrees with Michael Jordon who said ‘earn your leadership every day’. Claudia grasps every moment of her life and lives it with purpose and meaning. This leadership style tends to rub off on others, inspiring them to internalise purposeful leadership and to try the route of transforming themselves. When they do, it leads to a more conscious organisation, with increased innovation, creativity, team spirit, honest debate and valued contributions.

When Claudia studied, it was with vigour, – resulting in her University of Cape Town degree and then later in her career, her attending a Harvard Executive program, in Boston USA. Whenever she works, she does it with relentless optimism and total commitment, – which has resulted in Managerial roles, Directorships and CEO appointments. And whenever she loves, it’s with her entire being and it’s resulted in a family whom she feels exceptionally privileged to share her life with, loyal and connected friendships, (that she regards as family); plus ex-colleagues who, through mutual respect and regard, have become friends and each other’s working network.  Combined together in the pressure cooker that is life, they’ve shaped Claudia Katz into what she is today – a driven, successful businesswoman, a nurturing and understanding mom, a friend who is loyal and trustworthy and an ex-colleague and boss who is remembered for inspiring teams and individuals to do great work.

Claudia’s vision with CkConsulting is to focus organisations, and the leaders within those organisations, on the key elements that count for long-term organisational success.

‘Purpose-driven organisations with a set of unique values ; authentic and transforming leadership; strategic plans that are inclusive, meaningful and results driven and stakeholders who are organisationally engaged, will create a thriving business that will outplay all competitors and be truly remarkable’, says Claudia.