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Give your business a purpose with shared value. Transform your management into outstanding leaders. Create unique values that give you a competitive edge. Get stakeholders engaged.

Instead of just focusing on business departments, change the culture of the organisation to focus on creating value for all stakeholders – customers; partners; employees; shareholders; your community. This is the centre of your business and, once defined and agreed, will take your business onto a new path and bring even greater success to the business departments.

At CkConsulting we can facilitate a process that will help your organisation find its purpose and unique values. We can facilitate the creation and development of your strategic plan going forward and support your leaders with executive coaching that will support the transformation of your leaders.

‘Discovery’s success, is and will remain the result of being a purpose-driven business’.

Adrian Gore, Founder and CEO, Discovery


‘The greatest competitive advantage is to allow your employees to be part of something. Something bigger than what you’re doing’.

Blake Mycoskie: Founder, TOMS.


‘At IDEO, purpose is reciprocal. As an organisation, we have a purpose in the world that informs our offer, the kinds of talent/people we hire, and the work we do. And, our employees each have a sense of purpose that drives them’.

Duane Bray: Partner IDEO


‘Our business success is directly linked to enhancing the well-being of the people who make and enjoy our products and to supporting the communities where we grow our ingredients’.

Irene Rosenfeld, Ex Chairperson and CEO, Mondelex International



Shared value focuses a company on profits that create value for society. Creating a purpose, or shared value, should be at the core of the business strategy, and answers the businesses ‘reason for being’. It means entrenching a shared philosophy into the heart of the organisation that drives the business and its people and ensures its continued success. Purpose-driven organisations are those whose staff and management all arrive daily for the same reason and who work together towards the same end. The purpose of a business should be more than simply making money. A business with a purpose creates a dynamic within the organisation that is more important than just the needs of the boss, the management team, shareholders or employees. It is the beacon that guides these needs and comes first.

A purpose driven team that is working towards a social or environmental benefit with everyone pulling in the same direction, sets an organisation apart from the competition. It is this purpose that will attract, retain and sustain the human resource talent needed for the company’s success and ensure that the company stays innovative, competitive and highly profitable.

‘People want to do well and do good. They want to understand how they’re making a difference in the world. Things change all the time, but your organization’s purpose transcends any individual product or service’.

Mark Weinberger, Global Chairperson and CEO, EY


Set goals; keep your staff focussed and motivated; define what your organisation is, who it serves and what it does. In this way you will strengthen operations, agree upon intended outcomes and results, and critically be able to accurately assess and adjust your business direction in a rapidly changing environment. A solid strategic plan will allow you to make fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what you do on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. It will allow you to identify who you serve, what you do, and why you do it – all with a focus on success and growth into the future.

There are many different approaches to formulating a strategic business plan. Whichever the process chosen, it must be based on reliable data and be capable of delivering the business goals.

CK Consulting facilitates the pre-planning of a strategic planning workshop, facilitates the workshop and ensures the post-planning documentation of a department or business wishing to focus on their future strategy. Strategic planning should be carried out in a team environment that involves key players in your business.

The objective of running this process is for management to set itself business goals and to then formulate really good strategies to accomplish these goals. This process ensures a sustainable and successful business going into the future.

‘The CEO needs to focus on three critical areas. The first is setting the strategic direction of the company. The second is deciding how to allocate capital across the company to produce the greatest long- term value for society and shareholders. The third, and by far the most important, is to ensure that the right people are in the right jobs’.

Kenneth Frazier: CEO Merck


True leaders, rare leaders, sought-after and well-respected leaders are those who care about others: guiding, mentoring, nurturing, taking an interest in people and challenging them to respond and grow. These leaders are called Transformative Leaders.

CkConsulting Executive Coaching provides a challenging and supportive working partnership that benefits individuals and organisations by improving leadership performance through developing self-awareness, confidence and authenticity.

By providing a combination of both challenge and support CkConsulting helps clients – whether individuals or teams – develop the right tools and perspective to clarify their destination and reach their goals. Our approach is informed through the belief that by establishing an agreed framework, intention and a commitment to honest engagement, leaders will develop themselves and collaborate better with their teams, colleagues and stakeholders to ensure greater success.

Executive Coaching will provide leaders with the tools and know-how to inspire those around them, with a sense of meaning, purpose, confidence and respect. In addition, leaders will learn how to bring out the best in others and to create an environment of trust, alignment and collaboration.

‘Transformative leadership is not for lightweights. It is perhaps the most challenging approach to leading practised today. It requires character and commitment, courage, imagination, and unrivalled staying power’.

Cleve W. Stevens/The New Kind of Leadership for tomorrow’s leaders, Forbes, June 2014


Organisations often work really hard at innovating business departments. For example, finding more effective ways to market and advertise, re-engineering sales processes, upgrading technology, cost-cutting projects, updating office spaces and premises or producing more detailed sets of financial reports. All this in the pursuit of more profits, which CEO’s and shareholders want and measure as organisational success. I call this the outer circle. Working on these departments will produce initial success however it will be limited unless the inner circle has been made a priority.

Working on the inner circle creates meaning; it creates space for many divergent ideas, people and cultures to exist; it allows all stakeholders, both internal and external to contribute, care and be valued and most importantly, but certainly not limited to, will have everyone firing in the same direction.

Working on the inner circle means creating a Business Purpose that includes shared value; creating just a couple of values that are totally unique to the business and provide the business with its competitive edge; committing to the concept that leaders need to be constantly transforming, so they can inspire their teams towards innovation and excellence and lastly ensuring that all stakeholders are engaged with the Company’s purpose, values, vision and plans. Simply said, it is making the business and all who work towards it’s success, who partner with it or who buy from it, have it’s highest interest at heart.

Achieving this means that the business will THRIVE. It means that all who work within it will do so with greater passion, enjoyment and loyalty – serving both the business and the community at large with greater impact and positivity. All this while contributing, abundantly, to the business’s bottom line.